Jesus Christ in every area of our lives.

Ourselves and others while pursuing maturity together.

God's grace daily to fulfill His eternal purposes.

Our world by equipping one another to CARE.

Jesus is good news! God’s grace and love are amazing! Knowing Him brings freedom, hope, and joy into every day. So being a disciple isn’t just about Church on Sunday. Everywhere we go and all the time, we are to honour Jesus as Lord.

We are to become like Jesus. Knowing that you are accepted in a community with others who are on the same journey means that you can be yourself, admit when you could use help, and help others who Are also on the journey.

It’s not easy being a disciple of Jesus. It’s easier to be self-centered; it’s easier to give in to the pressures of our world. So we need God’s grace – His power – to live for Him. Disciples learn to go to God daily to receive it.

We are called to help people find their way home and live as disciples. Believers have God-given gifts designed to benefit the Body of Christ and promote the Gospel. The Church helps believers find ways to serve God and engage others.