Reflecting the Unshakable Kingdom

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ. I want to thank the fellowship elders for the opportunity to share with you all a plan I felt the Lord has asked me to lead our church family into concerning the ongoing burden for the state of our nation, the world and even the church because of the current crisis we are all facing together.


My belief is that we are in a time of shaking in the world and in the church that may be unparalleled in history. As we know, Hebrews 12:27-29 tells us about this shaking but reminds us that the Kingdom of God cannot be shaken. We are seeing many and varying responses in the world and even the church ranging from fear to fury both of which are not responses of those who live in the unshakable kingdom of God.


Obviously, we have all been navigating and trying to lead our people in times of prayer and faith during these trying times. Last Wednesday while in our morning prayer time, I felt the Spirit speak to my heart to call the church to a forty-day time of fasting and prayer.  I pulled up my calendar and looked to see when Pentecost Sunday was landing this year. May 23, 2021.  When I counted forward forty days, my heart leapt within me as it landed on July 1, which of course is Canada Day. 


We are calling this prayer initiative, “STAND.” Reflecting the Unshakable Kingdom into a shaky world.

This is the beginning of this invitation. I am believing God for at least 50 churches to join us in this time. I believe we need a larger strategy of fasting and prayer to move from trying to fight this from the worlds point of view to battling from the unshakable kingdoms point of view.

We have done these longer fasts in the past both from a corporate and collective point of view. What that means, is that during the 40 day period, there is constant prayer coverage everyday. I would love to send our format to every church that is interested in how we structure it in our church. Obviously, every church will manage this differently, but we are glad to help where we can. The most important thing is that we all stand in prayer at this time.

Fill out the form below to contact us specifically regarding further details of this initiative. 


Let's stand together!