Prayer is an important part of your daily spiritual health. It doesn't have to be elaborate or complex. Set a timer, 5 minutes on the clock. You're doing great!

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Try unplugging yourself. Putting away your phone or laptop isn't just good for your mental health, it's good for your physical health as well. Sure, you will develop deeper relationships with actual people if you interact with them in real life, but aside from that, when you're on your phone or laptop, you're more than likely sitting or being sedentary in some way. Make a goal of cutting back on electronics this week.



Do you use the Bible App? YouVersion is an incredible resource and such a great way to stay connected in the word. From daily Bible plans with groups or by yourself, you can read and interact with scripture in a powerful way. Check it out and make the Bible App your next download!

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Fit4Life: Take one verse and meditate on it this week. Take time to read it over (just the one verse) several times. Take time to listen to what God is trying to say to you through that one verse. Write down any new revelations gained.

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