we want to see people find home

Our Team

It takes the whole church family to make The Father’s House a church truly built with care, but be sure to familiarize yourself with our team. These folks are here to lead and to serve, and they work hard to envision and support our church.


Our Values

Celebrate Jesus Christ in every area of your life.
A disciple isn’t just a Christian at Church on Sunday. Everywhere we go and every day of the week we are to honour Jesus as Lord.


Accept ourselves and others while pursuing maturity together.
God accepts us as we are, but that doesn’t mean He wants us to stay as we are. Instead, we are to become like Jesus.


Receive God’s grace daily to fulfill His eternal purposes.
It’s not always easy to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, especially when people and circumstances pressure us to be otherwise. So we need to take time to hear from God every day to receive power to live for Him.


Engage our world by equipping one another to CARE.
Our values represent a cyclical process. As those in our church learn to celebrate, accept, receive, and engage, they purpose themselves to help others do the same. It is the job of pastors and church leaders to come alongside and to create opportunities and to support believers who serve in the church and engage in the community.


Who We Are

The Father’s House is a family of individuals who have found home through a relationship with Jesus Christ and who desire as many people as possible to experience the same thing. What do we mean by “home”? Home is a place of rest, security, and acceptance. We believe that the best experience of home will happen through an ever-growing relationship with God, self, and others. As we say often, “it’s all about relationship!”

The Father’s House Church is affiliated with The Fellowship of Christian Assemblies (FCA). For more information about the FCA, click here.