Ready & Rejoicing (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

The Bible contains hundred’s of prophecies foretelling the return of Jesus. Many signs predicted have come true already (in nature, politics, society, the church, and in other areas). For many, even Christians, these signs influence fear, but God’s desire is that they would inspire faith. Are you ready for Christ’s return, and are you rejoicing?

The Greatest Commandment (Pastor Matty Coppin) (Video!)

In Mark 12, Jesus shares the greatest command in all Scripture, a command that undergirds all other commands and principles in life. Why is love for God so important? How does loving Him fuel the way we love others? Today’s message will reaffirm that properly ordering your life begins with loving God.

Controversy or Contemplation (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

We live in a world that is steeped in controversy. Some believe our world is worse now than ever before, but truthfully, conflicts were rampant in Jesus’ day too. What can we learn from the way in which Jesus handled controversies? Today’s message will help you take your focus off of arguments and onto God’s heart for people.

Election Sunday (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

It’s election season in our community and region. It’s a time where leaders put their names forward for political office, and when citizens choose those who represent their values best. The Bible describes the responsibilities given to both those in leadership and those being led. Servant-hood and submission are at the heart of God’s intention. This week’s curriculum will identify what these values mean for you and I.

The Thankful Leper (Pastor Peter Visscher) (Video!)

Luke 17 tells the story of ten lepers crying to Jesus for pity. Jesus responds with more than mercy; He heals their disease. While nine lepers went on there way, only one returned to give thanks. Moved by his faith, Jesus gave the grateful one far more than a clean bill of health. What did the tenth leper receive, and what does God want us to receive this Thanksgiving season?

reMARKable: Fruitful & Prayerful (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

While most of us busy ourselves with many things, God is often concerned with “one thing.” He sees the one Mark 11 describes Jesus cursing a fig tree that failed to produce fruit and clearing the temple of retailers selling their merchandise. An unfruitful tree is a lot like an unfruitful life, and a temple full of products isn’t full of prayer. What are you growing and developing and what is your life communicating?

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reMARKable: One Thing (Pastor Matt Sampson) (Video!)

While most of us busy ourselves with many things, God is often concerned with “one thing.” He sees the one thing we need to give up, or the one decision that would make us better. Ultimately, the challenge to do one thing is influenced by His great love for us. What is the one thing God is calling you to do?

reMARKable: Dying to Live (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

One of the most difficult scriptures in the Bible is found in Mark 8. Jesus calls his followers to deny themselves, to take up their crosses, and to follow Him. We often believe Jesus is asking us try harder and to do more, but what He’s wanting is for us to abandon our strivings and to deepen our relationship with Him. These are two different ways of relating to God, one leads to regret and the other to abundant life. Which path will you take?

Valuing the Church (Rick Leibel) (Video!)

It’s a special Sunday at The Father’s House. Our junior and senior youth have just returned from their annual Connect Camp and our church family now has the opportunity to hear their guest speaker. Rick Leibel is a long time friend of our Lead Pastor, Greg Fraser, and was the preacher who led our Youth Pastor, Matt Sampson, to Christ many years ago. Tune in to today’s message to hear Rick share about community and the value of a church family.

reMARKable: Truth or Consequence (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

Do you find it difficult to discern truth? We live in a day where nearly everyone claims to know the truth, and yet our world shows little signs of improvement. Jesus warned us of this day, and He offers those who will listen a solution.