Seeing The Change (Pastor Matt) (Video!)

Change is inevitable. It may come quickly and easily, but sometimes it happens with pain and great difficulty. The good news for followers of Jesus is that salvation administers power and purpose amid change. Seeing how God changes us personally is a sure way to endure change, and even rejoice in change.

Seeing Others (Pastor Matty) (Video!)

Your undivided care and attention is a gift to those you encounter, especially when your focus is on seeing others as God sees them. Learn in today’s message how to see through the clutter of life and how to stay attuned to moments God places before you.

Seeing Our Calling Clearly (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

Salvation makes us new people with a new purpose. A clear understanding of your salvation will compel you to share who God is with those He came to save because you know all He has done for you. In today’s message, see God, see yourself, and see others more clearly and let God empower you to share his love with those He loves..

Seeing the Treasure Within (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

Salvation is a great and powerful treasure, but one that is often buried in brokenness and forgotten amidst challenging circumstances. Faith is the key to unlocking the treasure within. Learn in today’s message how to change your mind and your words in order to experience the wonderful effects of salvation.

Seeing God’s Face in Failure (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

Many people see God as One who is continually angry and disappointed. They see God’s finger pointing relentlessly at their misdeeds and failures. Consequently, many people live with an overarching sense of fear and condemnation. But do those perspectives, and the feelings that come with them, represent God accurately? Learn in today’s message how to stop seeing God’s finger, and how to start seeing His face.

Reconnecting the Power (Pastor Matt Sampson) (Video!)

Power belongs to those who comprehend and apply salvation. It is through salvation that those who believe receive the Holy Spirit, and it is through continual relationship with the Spirit that believers are filled with power. Receive and be filled with the Spirit through today’s video.

Saved to See – Part#1(Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

How great is the salvation that God extends to people? Truthfully, it’s far beyond comprehension. The first chapter in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians describes the spiritual blessings given to those who have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Everyone who desires these blessings will need their eyes opened to the immensity of what God has done for them.

Saved (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

The word “saved” is a common one in Christian circles. Christians declare that they’ve been saved, and they pray that their loved ones, and even complete strangers, will be saved. What does it mean to be saved? What are believers saved from, and what are they saved for? Join us for the introduction to our Saved series.

The Church – Part 2 (The Staff) (Video!)

The church is not only a global family, it’s a local family. The Father’s House is one of thousands of local families, gathering weekly to welcome people home to God, and help them live as disciples. This past Sunday, you were introduced to the staff in our church. Today’s curriculum will provide you with opportunity to celebrate how God is using them, and how He can use you, to accomplish the mission of His church.

The Church – Part 1 (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

The church is more than a building, it’s a gathering of people. It’s a welcome center for religious and non-religious people alike, tasked with teaching people God’s wisdom, and empowering them to display His love. Learn these truths and more as we study God’s intention for the church.