The Call to Fill the City (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

With the wall of the city complete, Nehemiah turned his attention to filling the
city with people. In the same way, God is calling Christians today to fill the
church and their everyday lives with people who need to find a home in a
relationship with Him.

The Call to Celebrate (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

Victory over their enemies, the completion of the city’s wall, and a return to scripture were all reasons for Nehemiah and the people to celebrate. How has God been working in your life, and how is He calling you to celebrate? No matter the size of your achievements, God is calling you to respond with joy and thanksgiving.

The Call to the Word (Pastor Peter Visscher) (Video!)

Upon the completion of Jerusalem’s wall, Nehemiah and the people gathered together and asked that Ezra the teacher read and explain to them the book of the law. Upon hearing the God’s Word, the people were moved greatly and responded obediently to the Lord’s instructions. Now in the 21st  century, God continues to call people to His word. How will you respond?

The Call to Remember – Lest We Forget (Pastor Luke Inberg) (Video!)

Remembrance Day is a call to remember the tremendous courage, service, and sacrifices of those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. As Nehemiah and the Jews discovered, when we forget the principles of God and his Kingdom, the progress of rebuilding is brought to a halt. What is God calling you to remember so that He can continue to build you up?

The Call to Wrestle Part 2 (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

While Israel’s enemies raged around them, feelings of fear and discouragement raged within them. Isn’t it true that self talk is more important than the enemy’s talk? Like Nehemiah and the builders, we need to change our thinking, speaking, and believing— holding fast to what God says is true.

The Call to Wrestle (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

Soon after beginning the work of rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem, Nehemiah and the Jews found themselves surrounded by neighbors who ridiculed them and attempted to intimidate them. Like Nehemiah knowing how to turn to God and receive confidence from our relationship with Him is essential.

The Call to Responsibility (Pastor Matt Sampson) (Video!)

Nehemiah 3, recounts the division of labor in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. The story demonstrates the importance of working together to accomplish God’s purposes. Achieving God’s purposes for our own church will require a common vision and willing workers who do their part.

The Call to REALationship (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

Nehemiah’s story began when he received news of the devastation of Jerusalem’s walls and temple, as well as the great despair being experienced by his fellow Israelites. This message of tragedy caused Nehemiah to be real about his feelings and also motivated him to build relationships in order to see restoration take place. Is there something you care about deeply? Who is God calling you to partner with?

The Call to Prayer (Pastor Greg Fraser) (Video!)

The Father’s House is moving into 52 days of prayer and fasting. God is calling His people to humble themselves, to turn from sin, and to pray with unwavering faith. Today’s message will stir passion in your heart for God’s plans and purposes, and will encourage you to renew your commitment to Him.

The Call to Build – Begins With the House (Pastor Matty Coppin) (Video!)

God’s Kingdom can transform a community, but in order for that to happen, transformation needs to take place in the house of God. In today’s message, we’ll observe the prophet Haggai calling the people out of apathy and back to purpose. Do you need a wake-up call? Tune in and be encouraged today!