Israel & The Second Chance (Pastor Greg Fraser)


Have you ever needed a second chance? Have you ever needed to give someone else a second chance? The failures of life more often than not remind us of our faults, but what if they served to remind us of a God who graciously gives second chances?

Israel & the Second Chance (Curriculum!)

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Israel & The Wilderness (Pastor Matt Sampson)


The nation of Israel spent considerable time living in the wilderness prior to entering the promised land. Jesus experienced trials and tests in the wilderness prior to beginning his ministry. Have you ever gone through a dry season in your walk with God? Have you ever felt that God is distant?  Journey with us as we take a look at the purpose and timing of wilderness experiences.

Israel & the Wilderness (Curriculum!)

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Israel & the Sacrifices (Curriculum!)

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Israel & The Sacrifices (Pastor Luke Inberg)


Because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, people don’t have to offer sacrifices in order to be right with God any more. So what role does sacrifice have to play in the life of a believer? Take a journey through the 5 sacrifices of Leviticus 1-7 and discover God’s call for you to live a sacrificial life and some simple truths about staying on fire for Lord.

Israel & The Feasts (Pastor Greg Fraser)


The seven feasts, that the Jewish people still follow to this day, are described in Leviticus 23. Three of the feasts parallel Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. They reveal the way in which God overcame sin. The fourth feast pertains to Pentecost, which is an event that corresponds and culminates with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In this feast we see the birth and empowerment of the church. The last three feasts relate to the second coming of Christ and the believer’s reward in Heaven. They call the Christian to prepare for eternity. Tune in as we skip a stone over several of the deep truths of the Old and New Testament

Israel & the Feasts (Curriculum!)

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Israel & The Tabernacle (Pastor Greg Fraser)


Jesus is representative of the temple in the Old Testament in the sense that He was powerfully inhabited by the presence God. Like Jesus, Christians are carriers of Holy Spirit’s presence. What does that mean for believers? How does that reality influence the world? God is calling His people to die to self in order to live out His plans and purposes.